Changing the world for the better through music, song and the way she lives her life is not only the goal, but also the journey for Jacksonville native Jasmine Rhey. A graduate of the University of North Florida with a BA in Spanish and a year of Arabic Language studies in the American University in Cairo, Egypt, Jasmine is a linguist in many facets. Singing in Spanish, French, Arabic and English, this bright beauty radiates light in each word she pens and every note she sings. Her passion for music, language and entertainment has carried her through 15+ years of exploration and growth in the fields of studio recording, stage performance and event coordination.

Jasmine began vocal lessons with highly renowned vocal coach Lorna Greenwood at age 12. From there, she performed in restaurants, festivals & nursing homes gaining comfort on stage. Greenwood introduced Jasmine to Frances Key, descendant of the author of the National Anthem of the United States, who invited Jasmine into her chorus called the International Peace Performers. As their title details, the chorus was a group of youth who represented different cultures and performed songs about peace penned by Key. The group also performed numerous stage musicals written by Key, which provided Jasmine more opportunities to become more at ease on stage. The chorus performed at Washington D.C.'s National Peace Conference in 2009 with Jasmine as the lead vocalist.

Jasmine wrote many poems throughout her high school years, but it was not until 2004 that she began writing and recording her own original songs. While becoming accustomed to the underground hip-hop scene in Jacksonville, Jasmine wrote, recorded and released her first full-length original album in 2009. The album, Perfect Imperfections, was a reflection of the emotional ride that was her relationship at that time. The highs and lows of, and dedication to, her relationship during that time are expressed in brilliant words and melodies delicately articulated throughout the album. Less than a week after the album was released, Jasmine moved to Egypt for one year to learn Arabic. With such passion for new cultures and languages, she was sure to come home with a new vision for her music career.

In 2010, after her return from Egypt, Jasmine soon moved to Atlanta, GA and explored the music scene as well as life on her own and away from family for the first time. Attending many local events and performances, being in the studio with some of the music industry's most respected producers as well as recording and traveling with a mainstream R&B artist, Jasmine learned how the behind-the-scenes side of the "real entertainment business” works and gained knowledge she would later use in her own business. Abruptly, she returned to Jacksonville, FL to be with her family as her Grandfather passed.

Since her return in 2011, Jasmine made an even bigger name for herself than she left behind winning the 2012 Duval Diamond for R&B Artist of the Year and the 2013 Duval Diamond Award for Female Artist of the Year. She spent the 2011-2012 year traveling to major cities in Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and more, networking and performing. Her knowledge of the business continued to grow as she planned her next moves.

In 2013, Jasmine had the opportunity to create and coordinate a music competition at The Jacksonville Landing. She brought Madelene Skinner, her publicist, on her team as a co-creater/coordinator. The two made a strong team and Friday Night Live at The Landing (FNL), a five-night music competition, was a huge success. Five bands competed the first four nights, twenty bands in total, for weekly prizes of free recording time in a local studio and a live TV performance on a local station. The four weekly winners battled it out on the fifth night, the Grand Finale, for the grand prize of $1,000 and more free studio time. A very diverse audience and panel of judges enjoyed music from all genres and voted for their favorites.

Using the success of FNL, Jasmine and Madelene planned for another event. Beautiful Bodies, a new concept to Jacksonville, searched for talented and creatively “beautiful” people willing to come forth and share their gifts with the city. Beautiful Bodies took place during summer Downtown Jacksonville Art Walks and showcased the many talents in Jacksonville through diverse forms of artistic expression. Individuals and groups were invited to showcase these talents through any of four categories; Art, Fashion, Fitness and Dance, for cash prizes and more. It sought to break down barriers and embrace diverse and creative cultures to promote tourism and cultural networking in Jacksonville. The event was presented by Naturally Smart Frozen Dessert and took place. Participants competed on the riverfront stage at The Landing expressing how their unique talents make them beautiful. After three weeks of competition, Ra'Shad "The Truth on Wheels" Solomon, a model with a disability, won first place with a catwalk modeling show that expressed the beauty of being a model citizen despite any disabilities. Years two, three and four of FNL, now called Friday Night Live Music Festival, proved to be a success incorporating elements of Beautiful Bodies to create a festival atmosphere including dancers, pole fitness, poetry, a silent auction benefiting a local non-profit, fire performers and local vendors. Jasmine continues her work toward bringing the community together to celebrate the diversity of arts and culture in the urban core of Jacksonville.

With a growing enthusiasm for incorporating her love of different languages and cultures in her music and brand, Jasmine Rhey has expanded from her R&B roots and grown into a multi-lingual, international artist and event coordinator. With this redirection of style, she has opened doors toward her goals of international tours and a building in Africa where people will learn to better use their resources.

Recently, Jasmine received the BUZZ Magazine Top 30, Under 30: Future Leaders of Jacksonville Award for her musical work and organization of multicultural community events in the city. Jasmine has a passion for bringing diverse people together to celebrate differences and seeks to do just that in all aspects of her work.